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Aircraft for Sale

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Aircraft Sales Process

Aircraft Adquisitions

Acquiring the correct business jet is the result of professionally analyzing your needs, your missions and your goals.

If you are a first-time buyer or current owner of a business Aircraft, we become part of your team to help you make the right choice.

From a deep operational analysis that comes with experience of having operated dozens of Business Jets with our Management Services or Consulting we provide the best acquisition financial approach, ACshares Aviation Group is here to help you!

Aircraft Sales

When needs change and is time to move on, our team is there to design the right approach to sell your Aircraft, maximizing returns and minimizing the exposure associated with all Aircraft transactions.

Only a company that actually operates Aircraft is capable of providing you with the necessary experience and team of experts to guide you thru the Sale of your Aircraft or Purchase of your New Aircraft!

We work with partnered customers on their financial, operational and several options such as Financing and Leasing Options, Resale Values, Flexibility, Current Market Conditions, Opportunities and Maintainability.

Strong negotiations lead to a strong pre-purchase inspection.

Ultimately, closing on your Aircraft transaction proves that ACshares will take care of you throughout the process.

The Process

Every Aircraft owner that acquires an aircraft thru ACshares Aviation Group have the option to stay with us for Aircraft Management. 


We help you start your operation anywhere in the world.  Be legal, be safe and be Happy with your Aircraft!


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