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Aircraft Tear Down

Owners and Operators worldwide sometimes run into situations the maintenance costs outweigh the value or the Aircraft.   ACshares offers partnerships to Owners & Operators for Dismantling and Parting out the plane.


End of Life Cycle may present Challenges to Aircraft Owners and Operators.  Our company can help you dismantle / part-out your Aircraft professionally, efficiently and safely.   We have dismantled over 15 different Aircraft that either were partnered or we purchased for our Parts Division.

Do you want or need to dismantle an aircraft?

Inventory and Facilities

All Aircraft are dismantled in our Hangars.  We have implemented Quality procedures that ensures products are protected from elements and stored in climate controlled warehouses when applicable.   Each part that enters our inventory gets a barcode and stringent quality control measures.

Financial Sense

Our Aircraft sales team is professional, aggressive and effective.  Advertising, Marketing, Removal, Storage, Inventory and Operational Costs are ACshares responsibility.   
That's what we do and why we are so good at it.


Our company is committed to protect the environment.  Our processes and procedures related to Environmental exceed and are beyond the regulations.   We accomplish aircraft end of life process knowing that every nut and bolt can be reused or recycled back into the Aviation Industry.   Our partners follow our commitment and philosophy.

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